Efia Odo Gives Up #FixTheCountry Fight Over Death Threats

Efia Odo was all about fixing the country a few months ago, until she took a sabbatical and returned with a completely new enthusiasm.

She simply stated that she was taking a break to focus on her mental health. The death of social media activist Kaaka may have had an impact on her as well, as she says many blamed her for what happened to him, but it turns out there is more to the tale.

She claimed on Twitter that she was receiving threats for utilizing her platform for the Fix The Country campaign. From the tone of the tweet, she appears to be afraid to even express her opinion about the system’s flaws for fear of being attacked.

“Just read that airport workers haven’t been paid for 13 months. I’ll say fix the country but I’m afraid they’ll start threatening me again. People have fixed themselves by getting jobs but they aren’t getting paid. Such a shame!”, she tweeted.


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