Ashawo! Efia Odo Blasts Victoria Lebene For Saying Her Dressing Wont Help Fix The Nation

Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has gone on a tirade against Victoria Lebene following the latter’s prior claim on the Fix The Country program.

Victoria Lebene came to social media to slam Efia Odo, claiming that her attire isn’t appropriate and that she isn’t contributing to the country’s agenda.

She wrote,

“Don’t say fix and not fix yourself! Change starts with us the youths. The old folks will leave, and when we hold the fort, we will account to everything we do!. COURSE- Means the Direction, Route, Way, the journey! read and research on things before your comment. THANKS!,”

According to Efia Odo on Twitter, Victoria Lebene is now claiming to be respectable after being married, despite the fact that she was a hook-up girl before embarking on the marital path.

Efia Odo highlighted in a series of tweets that Victoria Lebene was selling herself for $2k but is now claiming to be respectable.

Efia post 1

Efia post 2

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