Efia Odo Weeps Uncontrollably As She Is Blamed For Kaaka’s Dḝath (Video)

People, according to Efia Odo, have blamed her for Kaaka’s death.

Efia Odo, who seemed distressed on the program, has been greatly affected by the allegations.

She fell into tears when speaking with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Angel Fm.

She said that she now blames herself for Kaaka’s death.

Odo alleges that many people blamed her for the death of a mend the country advocate in Ejura Sekyeredumase by a mob.

They send her notes stating that Kaaka would still be alive if she hadn’t begun the big heal the country effort.

Efia remarked that she is bothered by the comments, but she does not feel she is to fault.

She believes that Kaaka was an activist even before the heal the country problem.

She further said that no one would have complained if the country was in excellent shape.

Odo criticized the government and people in authority for failing to protect Kaaka and murdering protestors.

Efia Odo, clearly upset, claimed that she did not want to react since the allegations brought against her were too serious.

Odo cried because she now feels she is somewhat to blame for the upheaval.


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