Efia Odo Set To Star In Million Dollar Reality Show In USA (+Details)

Efia Odo was recently captured in a photo with a white man believed to be a Lebanese chilling in a Jacuzzi. Netizens quickly came to the conclusion that she had found a new love.

However this was far from the truth as Efia Odo shared pictures from her upcoming reality show which will be airing in the United States of America (USA) with Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh.

Chris Attoh is set to be the host of the new show titled ‘My African Love With Efia Odo’, which is being filmed in the United States of America (USA) with Efia Odo as the lead cast.

In the show, Efia gets to select men to live in her mansion and undergo challenges and tasks she gives them to win her love. She then eliminates the men who don’t meet up until it gets to the final man.

The show is being produced KM Productions, owned by USA-based Ghanaian filmmaker Kobby Maxwell.



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