Efe Sika Says She Slapped An Actor For Trying To Have Real Sex With Her During A Sex Scene

Kumawood actress, Efe Sika has disclosed that an actor got an erection during a sex scene and completely forgot that it was a movie.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Efe stated that they were supposed to show a little skin to make it look real. However, the actor got too excited and tried to have sex with her.

“It has happened to me just once. We had to show a little skin and he was aroused by it and started touching me. So I slapped him and left the location. I didn’t shoot the movie anymore. Later, I heard that it had been sold to any producer,” she told host, DJ Nyaami.

The actor’s name was not disclosed but Efe added that she never met or worked with him again. Efe indicated that he is a known actor.

In the interview, Efe also spoke about marriage being for the lucky ones, social media and the state of the movie industry.

According to her, she never prayed fervently for a man because it is a waste of time.



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