A Rare Video Of Edward Sena Dey Before His Sad And Untimely Demise Pops Up

Tuesday, 7th July, 2020 was a sad one for the Dey Family as popular Ghanaian media personality Kafui Dey lost his brother.

The brother of the popular media personality identified as Edward Sena Dey kicked the bucket after battling a mild stroke.

This has since evoked massive reactions within the media industry.

Edward Sena Dey

Born on March 19, 1970, and alumni of the Achimota school, Mr. Dey died Tuesday, July 7, 2020, at age 50.

In a recent video spotted online, Sena who was active on so many pages on Facebook – David Papa Bondzie- Mbir, Abena Magis, Trotro Diaries, Single’s Diaries, Chop Bar Diaries, etc – shared his last memories to his friends from his hospital bed.

In the video sighted by OMGVoice.com, the brother of the popular Ghanaian media personality could be seen narrating what had caused him to be rushed to the hospital.

Edward Sena Dey in the video made a solemn promise that once released, he won’t take processed foods, fruit juice (unless natural from the original fruit), and that he won’t go near booze and any form of alcohol again.

Shortly after making these pledges, the affable man untimely met his maker a week after he was discharged.

Here Is A Rare Video of Edward Sena Dey Before His Sad And Untimely Demise



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