Here Are Photos Of Rapper Drake’s Private Jet Redesigned By A Ghanaian Designer

Last year, Drake revealed the private jet he lovingly named Air Drake.

While the initial design of the plane did feature its namesake on the side, it was more of a stripped-back and straightforward look than one might expect from the often opulent Drizzy.

In an Instagram post from Virgil Abloh, however, it would appear that Air Drake is getting an extensive makeover.

“The tail number is a problem and the FBO is a whole other story,” Abloh wrote alongside pictures previewing the redesign.

He tagged Drake in the description, while Air Drake can clearly be seen on the side of one of the engines on the plane. With a look that depicts blue skies and clouds, the 6 God’s plane is starting to look more and more like the Nothing Was the Same cover art.

Drake has showcased the new design from Virgil on his Instagram.


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