Don Little “Nana Agradaa Is Pained, She Is Suffering From Broken Heart”

Actor Don Little has waded into the ongoing feud between former fetish priestess Nana Agradaa now Evangelist Mama Pat and her husband, Pastor Eric Oduro Koranteng.

Agradaa recently took to social media to accuse her husband of abandoning her despite her commitment to their marriage.

According to Agradaa, she bought a chapel at the time when she was a priestess with the intent that her husband who is an associate pastor will one day take charge of it and establish his own church.

Agradaa praise

Unhappy with her husband’s decision to stick with his spiritual father instead of coming to take over the church, Agradaa has asked Pastor Oduro Koranteng to make his intentions clear if he feels he is done with the marriage.

But commenting on Agradaa’s rant, Don Little says the former fetish priestess may be talking from a point of pain as a result of suffering a broken heart.

“Now she’s talking from a place of pain. It is a result of broken heart. How does she not confront the spiritual father and rather choose to rant on social media?” he questioned on his Judgement Day programme on Oman Channel.

In a rather sarcastic appeal, the diminutive actor said he is willing to replace Agradaa’s husband and be her companion if she is up for it.

“I am asking Agradaa to come for me. I am assuring her I won’t do that to her because I know if I hurt her, she will just catch me and seat me. It is the tall men who give broken heart. Come for people like me and we won’t hurt you,” he joked.


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