I will Patiently Wait For DJ Switch To Be Ripe Before I Chop Her, Man Confesses

Ghanaian DJ sensation DJ Switch has sparked up interest from a number of fans following her latest photo which has caused several controversies.

The photo which has got everyone talking shows DJ Switch in a lovely short haircut. The photo has attracted comments from a lot of fans across the country.

However, one fan’s careless comment on the photo has also landed him in trouble after vowing to rape DJ Switch.

In a recent development, another man has made another controversial comment about the photo.

Unlike his colleagues who wanted to “eat” the 12 year old, this person in particular wants to wait till she is “riped” before shooting his shot.

Commenting on one of the posts about DJ Switch, the young man who goes by the name DC Fiester stated that he will wait till the talented DJ is of legal age before he starts chasing her.

DJ Switch comment


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