DJ Shiti Reveals How He Lived On The Streets Because His Relatives In Nairobi Refused To Host Him

DJ Shiti has revealed how he lived on the streets and how his relatives refused to host him.

DJ Shiti has never shied away from revealing how tough it was for him before making it big in the entertainment industry!

Just like most young men with a vision of a better future, DJ Shiti left his rural home in search of green pastures in Nairobi.

Starting life at Koinange.

However, what he did not know is that life is actually harder in the city; compared to the one he was used to while living back at his parents home.

In his previous interviews, DJ Shiti revealed that when he arrived in Nairobi – he had no where to go after his cousin and a few of his relatives refused to host him.

He was then left with no choice but to live on the street. Speaking about this experience DJ Shiti opened up saying;

I made friends among the commercial sex workers at Koinange street. They loved how I spoke and nicknamed me Mr. Motivator. They, however, usually probed me to tell them where I stay, and after a few inquiries, I bowed into their demands and told them the truth

Shiti opens up to Jalang’o.

Speaking with on Jalang’os new YouTube show #Bonganajalas; Shiti for the first time revealed why he never thought of quitting despite the many challenges!

The comedian confessed saying that he is his family’s current hope since his brothers already started having kids at a young age; and like in most Kenyan families – they all depend on Shiti!

As heard in the interview, Shiti reveals that he has about 10 people (just to round up) looking up to him for financial support; and of course one can now understand why he works so hard.

Watch the video below courtesy of Jalang’os IG page.


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