DJ Mo Says He Only Goes To The Kitchen When He’s Getting Water But Nothing More

Dj Mo says he only goes to the kitchen when he’s getting water.

With the current generation, traditional roles of mum and dad are not very well defined. Ever since women started contributing the financial well-being of the home segregated roles were done away with. In this day and age women encourage each other to not let their men walk all over them and one major thing women say is that the man should also be able to do chores. Imagine both of you coming from work but you both have to do chores? Traditionally, a man provides for his home while the wife stays at home and takes care of the children plus home affairs. For celebrity couple DJ Mo and his wife size 8, they use the traditional mode at home, which is surprising because size 8 doesn’t look like the type to accept that.

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However, during a recent interview DJ Mo confirmed that they are traditional. 

I don´t go to the kitchen and I don´t change diapers. I only get to the kitchen when I probably want to get water.

His wife backed him up and said that:

Mo has never changed our babies´ diapers, ever! But he is a very responsible dad. He is very responsible in terms of providing time and provisions.

But even if he doesn’t go to the kitchen, as a father his wife added that he’s very close to his daughter.

He is always getting home by 8 pm to make sure he drops Wambo to school by 7 am. We don´t have a live-in house girl and so we share those roles as well. Wambo and Mo are very close. They really love each other and she can really throw tantrums when he is not around.

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For some, this system may seem chauvinistic but it really depends on the type of family you are and what actually works for you regardless of what people say about you.

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