Dilemma As Couple That Dated For A Year Finds Out They Are Cousins

After a year of dating, a young couple has uncovered the dilemma that is their entire relationship: that the lovebirds are actually cousins!

A social media user with the Twitter handle, dipuosungula, confirmed her friends’ and followers’ months of suspicion about her boyfriend after she recently found out is related to her.

The young lady, who has quite a following online, revealed that she and her cousin had unsuspectingly been lovers the entire time before the truth came out.

She revealed that it took them a year before they found out they are more than a look-alike.

Prior to the discovery, dipuosungula and her former boyfriend, now her cousin, were suspected to be related because of their striking similarities in appearance.

Her followers were the first to notice and many pointed it out to her as they commented on videos and frames showing the pair in romantic scenes.

Announcing their unsurprising discovery along with a video showing their past romantic life, she told her followers they had been right all along.

”Never mind, we just found out we are cousins. To all the “you guys look alike” comments, you were right,” she wrote.

A lot of her followers have reacted with many expressing their love and support for them.


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