Diana Marua Opens Up About Her Beef With Bahati’s Baby Mama

Diana Marua opens up about her beef with Bahati’s baby mama.

This thing about baby mama drama is not an old topic. When Diana Marua and Bahati started dating the gospel artist admitted that he had a daughter whose name is Mueni. Mueni is Yvonne Obura’s daughter. Bahati and Diana have 4 children, one is adopted, two are Diana’s and one is from Yvonne. But how exactly does this little blended family work? Diana opened up on their social media and said that she was attacked for posting a photo of Mueni and since then she stopped posting pictures of Mueni. Mother’s are different all round, while others would not mind if they shared their children, others mind.

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Here’s what Diana Marua: 

Yes, unajua kuna social media na kuna real life, so social media kuna watu wamecreate their own life, like it’s another world that we live in. I have four kids in real life, that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Mueni that’s in real life. On social media I have three kids and the kids are Morgan, Heaven and Majesty. Do you know why? When we started dating you told me about Mueni and we had plans to get kids too, I wanted my kids to be out there coz my life is open

Diana went on to add that Bahati had asked her to post a photo of Mueni on her feed and she did it with a clean heart.

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Though we really wonder why Bahati would insist on his wife posting a photo of his other daughter especially because that indicates that there was a need to prove to people on social media that all was well and that there was no trouble in paradise.

If you remember I’m the one who even opened her (Mueni’s) Instagram and we took some photos, then you requested me to post a photo of her; and I did it clean heartedly coz you requested me na hakukua na issue. I remember after posting Mueni’s photo I was attacked, and I was like I wasn’t expecting this. Mama Mueni attacked me, her sister also attacked me. So that’s why Mueni is not my daughter on social media. Mueni is my daughter but that’s how I will put it.

Well, isn’t this enough for baby mama drama?

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