Diamond Celebrated Tanasha Donna And All His Baby Mamas On International Women’s Day

Diamond Platnumz is a man of many women!

Sunday, March 8th was celebrated globally as International Women’s Day. People around the world highlighted major achievements from women in their lives or those they look up to.

Well, Diamond did exactly that!

In a post on Instagram, the Tanzania star referred to Tanasha Donna and his other baby mothers as “superwomen”.

The list included his mother, two sisters, daughter Latifa, Wema Sepetu and of course Tanasha Donna!

“Happy International Women’s Day. I dedicated it to these superwomen of mine. Women who have made a contribution to my life. They made me work hard, give, make mistakes, be happy, cry and even saw me as good and bad but in the end, it was my journey which the Lord had written for me to get to who I am in this world.”

Every human being has his/her advantage and disadvantages and we should learn to agree with that and value everyone that touched your life as it was planned by the Lord for them to get you to where you are. Their contribution is immense and that’s why their love and value will remain forever in my heart. This are my superwomen,”

Here is Diamond’s Instagram post:



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