A Look At How Kenyans Have Contributed To Making Diamond A Multi-Millioniare

Kenyans are responsible for making Bongo star Diamond Platinumz one of Africa’s top highest-earning celebrity on YouTube.

This is according to Youtube Music Trends manager Kevin Meenan, who during an interview with Billboard 100, said that a significant number of views on the singer’s channel come from outside his home country Tanzania and more specifically Kenya.

Kenya, he says, drives the most views for Platinumz followed by Tanzania and the US.

For just the period of May 1, 2019, to May 1, 2020, he has had 980 million views on his YouTube channel.

Diamond’s Business skills and talent

He applauded Diamond for his astute business skills and talent as a singer for making him be on the top.

One of those skills he mentioned is how the Jeje hit-maker generates spin-off contents from the official music video by following them up with lyrics videos, dance competition videos, karaoke version and animated ones.

Diamond’s YouTube page has more than three million subscribers with his latest songs including Yope, Nana, African Beauty and Inama each with at least 20 million views.


(H/T NairobiNews)


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