People Are Saying Diamond Cheated On Zari Because Of Her Bad Chapati’s

Haters are now insinuating that Diamond cheated because of her cooking skills.

Zari always posts everything about her life and most people prefer seeing her in her bikini suit but not cooking. She recently posted a video of herself cooking chapati and the trolls rolled in real quick.

Sadly most of the fans reacting to her video went on to call her out for the shapeless chapati’s.

Diamond cheated because of her cooking?

Others couldn’t help but assume that this was the main reason Diamond Platnumz cheated since he could not stand such meals on the table.


But is this ever a valid reason to leave anyone? we all know Diamond is just special.

zari chapo diamond

One of Diamond Platnumz close friends Juma Lokole however felt that the trolls were not necessary! According to the radio presenter and Instagram big wig; Zari’s kitchen skills were way much better compared to other social media slay queens.

Despite Zaris cooking skills she’s a neat woman.

He however mentioned that despite the shapeless chapati’s Zari had proven to be a very neat and clean lady. From previous stories we understand that Diamond’s family was mostly attracted to Zari’s cleanliness and organized lifestyle.

He also mentioned that she was a good mother to her children and no one would take that away from her.


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