Desmond Elliot Roasted For Criticizing #EndSars Protester On Social Media

Desmond Elliot has incurred the wrath of social media over his comment on #EndSARS misconduct fueled by social media and celebrities.

The Nigerian actor who is the elected representative of the Surulere Constituency in the Lagos State House of Assembly has sounded an alarm to the Nigerian government about how social media influence is paving the way for doom in Nigeria.

Before this, he was rumoured to be in support of a bill by the Lagos State to control social media but he denied the assertions.

In his response, he said

“The only thing I said towards social media was that the celebrities, social influencers and motivational speakers should know we have followers so we should please cut down on the hate narrative. Everyone is going through so much right now. I never said that. No bill to that effect. No house of Assembly can develop such a bill”.

Today, a video of him speaking in the House of Assembly about social media and its role in the misconduct by some EndSARS protestors has surfaced online. In the video, he could be heard admonishing celebrities not to use their platforms to incite hate.

We need to address certain things: Nigerian youth; social media; social influencers. These make the narrative that we’re seeing today. Except we’re joking with ourselves, social media has its negative impacts,” he said.

“Let me first thank you for condemning the wanton killings and carnage that happened at Lekki. When I went through the comments, I could not believe it, Mr Speaker. Curses, the abuses from children. And I asked myself, ‘Is this Nigeria? What is going on? Children cursing.

People having the effrontery to enter an Oba’s palace and hold his staff of office? Culture is gone!” he added.


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