Dee Money Blasts Sarkodie For Ignoring Ghanaian Artistes While Replying International Acts

Dee Money, a Ghanaian rapper, has called out Sarkodie for purposefully ghosting or ignoring his WhatsApp chats while responding swiftly to messages from foreign artists.

According to the tweet Dee Money posted on Sarkodie’s post, he has been attempting to contact the singer, but none of his messages have been responded to, despite the fact that they have been read.

Dee Money was shocked to see Sarkodie publish a snapshot of a WhatsApp conversation with South African rapper Casper Nyovest, so he inquired, in a devious way, if Sark’s WhatsApp was fully operational.

The question sort of inquired if the rapper had seen his messages or he was having fault with his WhatsApp that he only sees messages from international artistes.

It might have been that Dee Money was knocking for a feature and ‘King Sark’ was not in the mood to feature the hip hop rapper yet.

Check it out below.

Dee Money post


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