Davido Angrily Shouts At His Daughter For Tw3rking At Her Birthday Party (Video)

Exceptional Nigerian Singer Davido has gotten some social media commentators talking after a video of him scolding his second child Hailey for attempting to twerk at her birthday celebration yesterday.

Yesterday was Hailey’s fourth birthday, and Davido was there to celebrate with her, as he has consistently done with all of his children. However, Davido unexpectedly became the topic of discussion after he was caught in the video scolding his daughter.

Hailey was almost battered by her father Davido as she tried to twerk, but Davido was able to deter her by rebuking her, but these social media critics think he’s being too harsh on the 4-year-old.

According to these social media pundits, Hailey trying to twerk is payback time because what goes around comes around, and it is Davido’s turn to face it after smooching the nyash of ladies and, shockingly, lying down with a couple and leaving them.


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