The internet struck again and Ghanaians as usual took charge.

This time, it was #WeAreDatingChallenge.

Basic rules.

You simply text your crush ‘ We are dating now’ and hope for a reply. If it goes well, cool! You’re in a relationship. If it doesn’t, you tell them it’s just a game on social media and try again next time.

Here are all the #WeAreDatingChallenge attempts that will make you laugh, cry and know how cruel people are.

1. This lady who didn’t give an f about her boyfriend

2. This guy who didn’t loose guard

3. This lady who took the game way too seriously than she should

4. This one who got a girlfriend and broke up in one hour

5. Just imagine

6. What did you expect?

7. These people who want to go down straight to business

8. This is sad

9. People have no chill

10. Lol

11.  This one who wanted to say yes so bad

12. This guy who nearly lost a relationship

13. Read to the end … Lmao

14. Fa wo kwasias3m fri mi so … No chill

15. Ei ei ei

16. Feed me … Hahaha

17. It’s a no-go area for some people

18. The moment she’s been waiting for

19. The one who was mistaken for sleep texting

20. And the lucky one

21. This is too funny

22. This is not funny anymore

23. Real or the challenge?

24. This one who broke up with her boyfriend

25. And they lived happily ever after

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