Dad Builds A Graduation Square In His Driveway To Celebrate Daughter’s Graduation

A dad built his daughter a graduation square in his driveway to celebrate daughter’s graduation.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many institutions have halted their graduation ceremonies, something that has left many graduands frustrated.

A father has taken it upon himself to ensure that his college daughter celebrated her graduation despite being confined at home.

Traditional ceremony.

Torrence Burson from Memphis could not stand to see his daughter miss the traditional graduation ceremony and thus decided to organise one for her.

According to photos shared on Twitter by @JobinaFortson, the dad created a graduation square in his driveway to celebrate her daughter’s achievement.

Her dad wanted to give her the best.

The young lady identified as Gabrielle Pierce spent four years at the Xavier University of Louisiana and her dad wanted to give her the best.

Burson turned their driveway into a commencement ceremony that was fitted with a podium, an audience and a stage.

The ceremony had to be special.

To make the ceremony feel official, Burson included a procession, invocation, national anthem, welcome song, commencement address and the conferring of his daughter’s degree.

According to complex, the proud dad created mock programs which jokingly read that Whitney Houston would be singing.

The commencement drew the attention of many people who documented the ceremony on online.

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