Young Couple Who Got 6 Kids In 7 Years Are Now Expecting Their 7th Child

This couple who got 6 kids in 7 years are now expecting their 7th child.

A young family of eight has received great support from fans on social media after earlier trolls regarding the short years it took to bring up the large household.

In just a few weeks Zoriah Cookie and husband MJ Franklin went from being a laughing stock to a great inspiration with fans showing love for their cute babies online.

Mother of six.

Twenty-four-year-old Cookie is a mother of six children after getting pregnant almost every year from 2012 to 2018.

The couple went viral in early May after a netizen shared their photos showing Cookie’s large tummies during her pregnancy years and making fun of both her and the husband.

Fans called out the trolls.

However, caring fans online called out the trolls and asked fans to respect the young family and give them credit for being able to raise such a great number of kids together.

This was reciprocated by fans sharing messages of love and appreciation that touched the family greatly as they went viral again for the right reasons.

The life of a big family.

Cookie has two boys and four beautiful girls, sharing amazing stories through their Youtube channel that is frequently updated with new content.

Through the same page, they recently announced that they were expecting their seventh child to great praise and admiration from netizens. Other couples also shared their stories of having large families, posting beautiful photos of the same.

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