Could Dj’s Mo’s New Show With His Wife Replace The Bahati’s Show on NTV?

Could Dj Mo’s new show with his wife replace the Bahati’s show on NTV?

‘Dine with the Murayas’ is the new show set to air on NTV, seemingly in replacement of the unpopular Bahati Reality Show.

This was after news of the new show went viral on Sunday 17th March 2020, igniting mixed feelings among Kenyans.

Coming soon.

A poster making the rounds indicated the show was ‘coming soon’ with details of the particular day and time yet to be unveiled.

size 8

A show set to feature showbiz couple DJ Mo and wife, Linet Munyali alias Size 8 and everything around their married life, parenthood and basically all the setbacks that come with it.


When reached out to by, the gospel DJ confirmed the news though seemed shocked that it was already out there yet final touches were yet to be made.

However, he indicated the new show will stretch to a couple of segments but with the main theme basically about couples.

It will have various segments within the show, but the concept is mostly centered on couples. I am not sure what happened with the poster, I think it came out yesterday but as you can see, it still doesn’t have a date.

Explaining why it was still a baby not ripe for delivery yet:

There are some things we were still discussing and then that’s when we can make it official. It’s not even on our social media pages yet. We are still ironing out some things and when we are done we will let you know.

From her end, an emotional Size 8 cryptically inked:

In Gods timing by His own power through His own grace for His own glory!!! @djmokenya#themurayas#DineWithTheMurayas

Well, this might easily be a spill off of the celebrity couple’s Valentine’s Day event – Dine with the Murayas – which caused quite a fuss in the love month.

Meanwhile Bahati Reality show still airs on the Nation Media Group television station every Monday night.

Speculations are rife that NTV will be getting rid of the Bahati show in place of the Muraya’s show birth.

For fans, the Muraya couple was diverting from their Gospel ministry and NTV was here to back them up, because of ‘lack of content’.

Wild reactions.

A section believed NTV had ran out of content and instead of even bringing comedians on board to lift their spirits during this pandemic, they were just doubling to the ´headache´.

A different section of fans warned NTV to watch out before they boycott the station and the gospel couple for trying to make money ´the wrong way´.

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