The murder of George Floyd on 25th of May 2020 stirred up massive protests across the globe.

Although, the Black Lives Matter Movement was already existing, the murder of 46-year-old George has caused the movement to be even more active in the last couple of months.

In the face of all this, one thing that is for sure is that, the murder of George Floyd might change the narrative on police brutality against blacks across the globe.

In an attempt to narrate how Policemen in the United States would treat suspected culprits, a black American Policeman who identified himself as Chris Ohana working for the NYPD has recorded himself making fun of societal calls for police to be more cautious during arrests.

The officer, whose video’s been reposted on social media, does an impersonation of how he thinks cops are expected to act and carry themselves after George Floyd’s murder.

To cut long story short, he was basically doing the most to make it seem like cops have no power or authority anymore, and that they have to be totally soft on criminals they encounter.

You can watch the video below

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