Biggest Condom Supplier Announces That Condoms Will Get Expensive As They Announce Shortage

Men have reacted to news that soon condoms might soon run out of stock.

The world’s biggest condom maker Malaysia-based Karex Bhd warned consumers that the global supply may run out in two months, igniting mixed reactions on social media.

The condoms demand is high due to coronavirus which has left many dead and thousands across the world infected.

Lockdown is affecting their business.

Malaysia-based Karex Bhd which makes one out of every five condoms worldwide, only restarted its factories on Friday after a week-long closure, working with just half its workforce to comply with a lockdown that the country imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.


The company said condoms are mainly made in China and India, which are both heavily impacted by the pandemic.

They provide for companies like Durex.

The company produces for brands like Durex as well as its own line of specialty condoms such as Durian-flavored ones. It churns out more than 5 billion condoms a year and exports them to more than 140 countries.


That has become more challenging as governments shut borders and airlines cancel flights. The CEO also announced that there’s a very high chance that condoms will get a lot more expensive due to the shortage that is to come. At this point you’re better off abstaining.


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