10 Things We See In Almost Every Telenovela

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A lot of people are hooked on Telenovelas but they do not notice that they have been watching the same over and over again.

Watching telenovelas has become the ideal family-bonding activity for most African households. Knowing this, some tv stations have capitalized on it to boost their ratings. The Mexican and/or Philippines drama series are mostly dubbed in the ‘telecasting’ country’s local language.

After watching Sectreto De Amor, Marimar, Juana La Virgin, Storm Over Paradise, Untamed Soul, A Woman of Steel, In The Name of Love and a chunk others, I can not help but say they are all just regurgitated trash.

Here are some common concepts that run through almost every telenovela.

1. Car accident resulting in someone’s (normally the lead character’s relative) death.

Telenovela terrible accident
A terrible accident in a Telenovela

2. Forced marriage due to social standing

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3. Someone pins pregnancy on another

Common concepts that run through almost every telenovela
In The Name of Love

4. Someone close to the lead character turns out to be his/her parent.

Father Cristobal turned out to be Paloma’s long lost father. He was one of Paloma’s greatest confidants after her mother Macarena passed. So typical.

Common concepts that run through almost every telenovelaery
Father Cristobal x Macarena

5. There’s always someone seeking vengeance

Mexican Telenovelas Character, Macarena | In The Name of Love
Mexican Telenovela Character, Carlota | In The Name of Love

6. Someone goes to prison wrongfully.

Carmen is victim of a drug dealer who frames her and she is put into jail in Univision’s Head Over Heals. This concept can be found in many telenovelas you’ve seen. True or nah?

593bd691 de que te quiero te quiero univision cynthia klitbo

7. True love is always found with someone who is ‘poor.’

Need I say more?

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8. There is always a woman who is looking for her long lost child.

Barack Obama | That is true

9. Lead characters marry at the end.

For once, someone should dramatically die before their wedding. Just once

Common concepts that run through almost every telenovela
Telenovela Weddings

10. Your thought goes here

I know there are more than just 10 of them, add yours.

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Common concepts that run through almost every telenovela
Fin | Telenovela closing credit

Now tell me which one doesn’t have any of these concepts.


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