Clemento Suarez Gets Rawlings Laughing After Meeting Him For The 1st Time (Video)

It is indeed said that, laughter is the best medicine and not too many people have the ability to make people laugh.

One of such people who have such ability to make people easily burst into laughter is Ghanaian comedian Clemento Suarez.

Clemento Suarez has been mimicking the voice of former Ghanaian president Rawlings in a number of his comedy skits as he seems to be an admirer of the nation’s former first gentleman.

In a recent development, the award-winning comedian¬† has finally come face-to-face with Ghana’s former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Clemento Suarez took the opportunity of this rare occasion to show JJ Rawlings how well he has learnt to speak like him.

As he gave a few speeches sounding like the former president, JJ Rawlings could to help but laugh out loud in excitement at what the comedian was doing.


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