Class 3 Student Creates Handwashing Machine That Has Attracted Gobal Attention

A class 3 student has created a handwashing machine that has attracted global attention.

When Stephen Wamukoya first hit the headlines, he had just innovated a handwashing station that had attracted the attention of Kenyans who thought he was a brilliant little boy.

Little did he nor his parents knew that his innovation would get the attention of people from across the globe.

Recognized by public figures.

Taking to different social media platforms to celebrate Wamukoya, several public figures expressed their pride in the Class Three pupil.

A Facebook user wrote:

This is one of the most inspiring pieces of news we have seen for a while. Clearly demonstrating that low technology solutions that can be easily replicated beat high tech solutions hands down.

While others congratulated him and celebrated him, others thought he could be allowed to join other innovators who were years older than him.

To some, he was a problem solving oriented child and using available local resources was what impressed them even more.

A lecturer at Institute of Global Prosperity, University College London wrote:

He may be too young for our new MSc launching but we have colleagues working in Kenya.

Wamukoya made the machine which does not require one to touch the liquid soap or the water bucket. 

Wamukoya, a pupil at Mukwa Primary School, made the machine which does not require one to touch the liquid soap or the water bucket, which are placed side by side. The Class Three pupil said that he came up with the idea after watching many people struggle to wash their hands.

It only cost KSh 3,000 to make it.

He began putting together the machine which his father helped him to complete it. He said he only used KSh 3,000 to make it.

He said that the money was given to him by his father who had been supporting him to make his innovation dream come true.

The nine-year-old could not hide his joy in knowing that his innovation had got global attention and was more than grateful to those who congratulated him.

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