Online Clash: Zari & Hamisa’s Fans Face Off Over Mama Dangote’s Posts

An online clash has ensued after Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto’s fans have faced off following a comment by Zari on Mama Dangote’s Instagram posts.

Diamond’s mother has constantly been sharing photos of her grandchild Princess Tiffah as a way of celebrating her birthday.

It was going well until Zari decided to comment on one of those posts by her ex’s mother, a comment that had Hamisa’s fans coming at her.

In comment made by the Ugandan socialite translated from Swahili, Zari told Diamond’s mom that she had shared too much of Tiffah’s photos adding that the former should be ready to be bewitched.

“Umezidi, subiri urogwe,” the mother of five commented.

Hamisa’s fans saw this as an indirect attack to Hamisa aka Mama Daylan.

But how? One wonders. Daylan’s birthday came just a few days after Tiffah’s.

However, unlike on Tiffah’s birthday where grandma was over the top in celebration, she did not bother posting or saying anything about her other grandchild, Daylan.

So, Mama Daylan’s fans could not keep calm and unleashed, asking Zari to calm herself down because to them, Zari was just seeking attention from Mama Dangote.

Hamisa herself did not engage in the battalion although her crowd came out in numbers.

An Instagram user identified as @dakoteliumba3 wrote:

“@zarithebosslady this is the reason diamond does not want you. You have a lot of Swahili culture in you and that is why Diamond is always attacking you on social media.”

@nusayrmamy added:

“@zarithebosslady your clout is failing that is why you are using too much energy.”

_mukethe commented: “I respect Zari but here she is petty ASF. Woman act like your age, period!”

However, Zari took her chances to respond to the trolls with fans from both sides strongly backing up their own.

“It seems like Tanzanians know who the witches are. @zarithebosslady did not mention anyone. You will have trouble,” @pmsupz wrote.

Here are screenshots of the mixed reactions:



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