Comedian, YouTuber and media personality Chebet Ronoh has made it clear that she’s fed up with short guys approaching her.

Speaking on her YouTube channel about how to flirt, the young comedian reveals that height is something she considers a lot.

Chebet adds that she has flirted a lot with men, and not all of them went well.

”Height for me is such a big deal. And I say this because short men are such a hard brand to love. You are below sea level, you are below me. I can’t do this. It’s no disrespect whatsoever but if you’re short, please don’t flirt with me. Bro, I am like 5’8”, 5’9” I think.

And if you know you are 4 ft nothing and you’re approaching me for a conversation, you’re setting yourself up for pain. You’re setting yourself up for sadness. That’s another don’t do…

So, if you’re short, don’t approach me. That’s all I’m saying.”

Tall men, this is your flirting chance! It’s however important to note that weeks ago, Chebet revealed her boyfriend to the world.


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The guy, whose name is Peter Louche, had many netizens questioning his sexual orientation as he seemed gay.

This however, didn’t seem to bother Chebet. She’s open to flirting, but short men should just keep their distance!

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