Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Dear Mother’ Has Been Up To

Do you remember Dear Mother? 

Dear Mother is a Nigerian TV series based on the life of Teju Phillips, a widowed mother who had to manage her career as well as the challenges of raising 3 children in modern day Nigeria. It was really funny and the antics of Teju’s kids, Ifeanyi, Ada and Susan, had everyone rolling.  We thought to take a look at the actors in the show and what they’re up to now, and also share with you.

1. Lanre Hassan- Grandma

Veteran actress Lanre Hassan, popularly known as ‘Iya Awero’ played the role of Teju’s Mother in the series. She provided comic relief and was always there to support  the family whenever they needed her. She celebrated 50 years as an actress in 2013 and has continued to act in Yoruba movies.



2. Moyinoluwa Olutayo- Teju 

Moyinoluwa Olutayo played the role of Teju Phillips, a widowed mother of three kids. The show chronicled her struggles to raise her three children properly while managing her career. She took a break from acting to focus on her business, and she recently starred in soon to be released movie, ‘Dynasty’.



3. Matilda Nwankwo Williams – Ada

Matilda played the role of Teju’s first daughter, Ada. She is married with lovely kids.



4. David Nnaji- Ifeanyi

David Nnaji played the role of Ifeanyi in the series. He was the only son and tried to balance being a teenager with the responsibilty of being the only man in the family which often led to hilarious results. He went on to star in two editions of Super Story , Family Affairs, and Edge of Paradise. He got married to singer J’odie of Kuchi Kuchu fame and the couple has a child together.

Image: Dailymail Nigeria

Image: Dailymail Nigeria


5. Sharon Ezeamaka- Susan

Sharon Ezeamaka, played the role of Susan, the baby of the family. The 22 year old who has been an actress since she was five years old has starred in over 25 movies. She was a cast member of MNET Africa’s ‘The Johnsons’ for two seasons and also a cast member of High School Musical Nigeria. She also plays the role of Princess in MTV’s ‘Shuga’.


So much nolstagia! You should also see what the cast of ‘I need to know’ and ‘Edge of Paradise’ are up to.