Cardi B Gives Husband “Offset” $2 Million Cheque For His Birthday

Cardi B gifted her hubby Offset a whopping $2 million cheque at his celeb-filled Birthday party.

Earlier this month, the rap-star turned the big 30 and his Mrs took things up a notch by handing over a big fat cheque.

TMZ report that the reason behind Cardi handing over such a an amount was to help Offset with some of his supposed ‘big ventures’ in 2022.

cardi b offset 2 million

The pair appeared to let loose and a lot of fun at the sneaker-themed Birthday bash, which featured quite a few big names, as one might expect.

Kanye, The Game, French Montana and Quavo were some of the huge stars that opted to make an appearance.

Ye, in particular, rocked up with an oversized purple hoodie with a black baseball cap and sunglasses, as you do.


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