Cardi B Chooses Nigeria Over Ghana For Her Next Visit To The Motherland

Cardi B has chosen Nigeria over Ghana as she is longing to return to the continent.

The US rapper was in Africa in December 2019 and she performed both in Nigeria and Ghana.

This was at the Live X Nation concert where she had a mixed experience.

The ‘Press’ rapper made this known in a tweet stating how she really misses the West Africa nation.

Her statement comes after she was trending in Nigeria, when photos and video of her new tattoo went viral.

Cardi B was trending at the time with over 180,000 tweets.

It is well noting that when Cardi B made a stop in Ghana for her first-ever concert in the country, there was a few hiccups.

Her infamous meeting with a selected number of Ghanaian celebrities marred her presence in the country.

More so, the show generally did not record the number of audience that were expected.

cardi b in ghana

Although there were a number of high-profile Ghanaian acts on bill.

They included, but not limited to Sarkodie, and Shatta Wale.

Her moments at Nigeria, was direct opposite of what happened in Ghana.

However, it is not clear when Cardi B‘s love for Nigeria over Ghana is as a result of this.


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