Captain Smart Ordered To Go Off Air For Speaking Against Akufo Addo’s Government

Popular Ghanaian radio personality Captain Smart, who works for Angel FM, was taken off the air after his boss got a call from a high-ranking government official.
Franklin Cudjoe, CEO of Imani Ghana, made this detail public.

According to him, he had a chat with Angel Fm’s Captain Smart in which he announced that his employer had taken him off the air.

Captain Smart was taken as a result of a phone call from a government official in control to Captain Smart’s employer, according to Mr. Franklin Cudjoe’s Facebook post.

Mr. Smart’s offense, according to Franklin Cudjoe, is that his usual critical commentary on national affairs is making the government very unpopular.

Mr. Franklin Cudjoe further indicated that if this is so then it paints a gravely intolerant picture about the incumbent government.

Franklin post


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