Here Are All Businesses Owned By Mzee Moi’s Family

Do you know anything about the businesses owned by Moi’s family?

There’s no denying that Moi accumulated a lot of wealth during his time in power and that led to him and his family being in every industry in Kenya. He is allegedly worth KSh 310.2 billion and his empire is obviously one of the biggest and most powerful in the world. The family has over 100 companies all in different sectors some that are owned privately while others are overseas. All you can be sure about is that the late Moi worked hard enough that the next 10 generations will probably never have to struggle in this lifetime. In case you are not aware, here are all the businesses owned by Mzee Moi.

1. In the bank sector 

You have probably banked in one of these banks or you’ve seen them on some street in town. They are not the most popular banks but they have their own clients hence why they never shutdown. The Moi family either have shares in these banks or  fully own them. Trans-National Bank, Equatorial Bank, First American Bank, Giro Bank ‚ Giant Forex Bureau, Equity Stock Brokers and Sovereign Group.

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2. Media 

We bet you didn’t know that the Standard Group is owned by this family as well right? Well, they not only this very popular newspaper but they also own a number of radio stations and the most popular one being Radio Maisha.

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3. Transport and logistics sector

East Africa’s largest integrated logistics services provider belongs to this family. If you haven’t heard of this company then all you need to know is that it has been around for 30 years now, so it’s pretty solid. The family also own Kent Ship, Maritime, Eagle Airlines, Kenya Aerotech Ltd and Car Track Kenya Ltd and interests in CMC Holdings.

4. Property sector

When it comes to property the Moi family have enough real estate in Kenya and even unidentified property in the US. Mzee Moi’s family home was in Nakuru in Kabarak where he will be laid to rest.

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5. Agri-business

Guess who owns the leading fresh roses exporter? Yes, the Moi family have huge investments in agri-business, with entities such as the Sasine Group of farms, Fresh Produce Ltd, Chemusian Company and Sian roses. Surprisingly, the family also owns a tobacco farm in Malawi, now if this doesn’t scream super loaded, I don’t know what does.

6. Telecommunication

You really think the Moi family would exist without having shares in Safaricom? Of course not. The family has heavily invested in Safaricom Kenya, Chesco Ltd and Cable Wireless.

7. Education

If there was one thing the late Moi took seriously was education. Some of the best schools in Kenya are actually owned by the Moi family and perform well. Nairobi-based Sunshine National School, Kabarak University and Kabarak High School, Sacho High School, Moi Educational Centre and the Moi Africa Institute Kabarnet Gardens and some in the international school sector.

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8. Tourism

Ever heard of Sheraton Group (Sheraton Holding), InterContinental Hotels and Safariland Club? The late Moi heavily invested in the hotel industry and these are just some of the hotels we know of.

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Any other businesses you know Mzee Moi owns that we might have forgotten?

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