Bukom Banku Warns Ayitey Powers Not To Attend His Mum’s Funeral (Video)

Ghanaian boxer and entertainer, Bukom Banku has sent out a strong warning to a colleague and former best friend, Ayittey Powers not to attend his mother’s funeral.

In a chat with SVTV Africa, Bukom confirmed his mother’s death and made other revelations.

He however stated emphatically that he does not want to see Ayittey Powers at her funeral because they are no longer friends.

”No one should tell me anything. The Bible said if your hands disturb you, cut it off. Not even John Mahama can talk me out of this. I am afraid of him because I have a problem with King Jerry and he supported him in radio interviews”.

“I helped Powers to bury his mother but if he comes to the funeral, I’ll cut his head off. I don’t want him to come to my mothers funeral. I’ll even shoot him. Everyone can come but not him,” he said”.

Bukom, in a song, threw shots at Ayittey Powers. The latter did not take it lightly and fired back at Bukom, challenging him to display his house to his fans as he did.

Watch the full interview below


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