Brookhouse Parents Pay Up To KSh 1.5 Million A Term But The Owner Won’t Let Them Pay Half

Brookhouse parent pay up to KSh 1.5 million a term but the owner won’t let them pay half.

Last month, a group of Brookhouse school parents demanded that the school stop charging them full school fees during the duration of Covid-19 closures.

What started as a social media protest by the likes of lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi, soon found its way to the courtrooms.

Parents complained for paying full fees.

The parents were arguing that Brookhouse has been charging them full fees, but parents are doing the bulk of the work.

Pupils have been attending daily virtual lessons, which the group of parents argue has left parents with a lot of burden.

Cost of living has obviously gone up with children at home.

They say that the cost of electricity, internet, computers, printing etc. has been left to them, yet Brookhouse is collecting its full amount.

Fees at the premier international school range from ksh 150,000 for the lowest level to Sh1.5 million a term for seniors.

The parents were successful in their suit, with the court ruling that they pay only half of term three’s fee, until the case is fully heard and determined.

(H/T Nairobi wire)


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