Bridget Otoo Vows To Support LGBT Even If It Means Going To Hell

Former TV3 Presenter Bridget Otoo has boldly declared his stand on the LGBTQI issues currently trending in the country

Unlike other Ghanaians Bridget Otoo has thrown her weight behind the legalization of the act but also eradicates the mental barriers many have built against the LGBTQI Community

The Ghanaian Journalist believe there is no harm in allowing the right to choose his or her sexual preference or sexuality without any hindrance

A lot of Ghanaians have boldly declared their stance against the LGBTQI issue claiming its an Insult to our culture and Beliefs.

According to Bridget Otoo she is ready to pay the price since most Ghanaians are off the view that anyone who practice such act will be subjected an eternal punishment of suffering, torture after death, meaning the person will go to hell

Check her post below:

Bridget post


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