Don’t Lockdown Ghana If You Can’t Feed Us – Ibrah One Warns Akufo Addo

Ibrahim Daouda, popularly known as Ibrah One in the showbiz circles, has asked President Akufo-Addo to properly plan on how to feed the poor before he goes ahead to lockdown the country.

According to Ibrah One, Nana Addo can’t just get up lockdown the country knowing very well some Ghanaian citizens don’t have food to eat. He added that, before the lockdown comes in, Akufo-Addo should make available his plan on how he intends to feed the poor.

This is what he shared on his Insta stories;

”Nana Addo Should plan on how to feed the poor before he lock down the country. You can’t just wake up and lock down the country knowing some of your citizens don’t have what to eat.#Ibrahone”

Checkout the screenshot below;

Ibrah one post


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