So, Black Sherif Owes Empire Entertainment $40,000, According To His Manager

On the back of reports that Black Sherif has signed a contract with US-based record label Empire Entertainment without the consent of Snap Chavis Wayne despite the existence of a management contract between the musician and the Ghanaian businessman, a personal assistant to Chavis has said Sherif spent $40,000 on his ‘Second Sermon’ remix music video.

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Giving a breakdown on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Saturday, Kwaku Kristo said the video which featured Burna Boy cost $32,000 while the costume of the Nigerian musician and GRAMMY Awards winner cost $8,000.

“His video with Burna Boy was $32,000. Empire has advanced $32,000. And then Burna Boy’s outfit for the video was $8,000. That makes it $40,000” Kristo said after Kwasi Aboagye, host of the show had read a part of the contract between Black Sherif and Empire which stated that “Empire agrees to spend according to an Empire approved budget of $50,000 to promote and market the content.”

Asked if that implies Black Sherif owes, Kwaku Kristo replied in the affirmative amidst suggestions that it was erroneous on the part of Black Sherif to have signed a contract with Empire Entertainment without Chavis’s approval.

Black Sherif who won the admiration of several music lovers with his craft has in the last couple of days been in the news for the wrong reasons. The musician is alleged to have signed a deal with Empire Entertainment although his management – Snap Chavis Wayne – opposed the deal, a situation which has been considered by Chavis as a violation of contractual obligation.

The claim was trumpeted by Kumasi-based disc jockey, DJ Slim who claimed that Black Sherif had moved out from a 7-bedroom house given him by Chavis.

Describing Black Sherif as an ingrate, DJ Slim noted that although Chavis gave Black Sherif a vehicle, shoes and other things just so he will be comfortable, the artiste had shown gross disrespect towards Chavis.

Kwaku Kristo asseverated that his boss, Chavis, has a five-year contract with Black Sherif. However, the musician has failed to respect the agreement.

“We were approached by Black Sherif and his crew that they needed someone to invest in them and manage them. He asked them what they needed, they listed them and he made provisions for them. My boss signed a contract with them on 18th August 2021. The contract was for five years”, Kwaku Kristo said in Twi.

Giving details of the contract, Kristo said:

“We signed a contract to market his product so we get our investment back. Empire brought a deal, my boss perused it but was not happy about the content. Later, we realized that Black Sherif had gone behind us to sign the contract and that was the beginning of the brouhaha.”

Meanwhile, Skirth Madonna, the manager of Black Sherif has refuted Kwaku Kristo’s claims, describing them as lies. Chavis, according to Kristo is considering a lawsuit.

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