Bridget Achieng Says She Keeps Evidence Against Her Baby Daddy

Bridget Achieng apparently keeps evidence against her baby daddy. 

Kenyan businesswoman, Bridget Achieng has apparently kept aside all the evidence about her negligent baby daddy for their son, when he grows up.

Bridget is a single mom to a son, whose father denied him, once she turned 3 months pregnant. Up and close on Citizen TV, the socialite spoke of how her then-boyfriend wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but she declined.

Bridget has been dealing with rejection. 

The pain the rejection caused her and the wounds left behind could only be solved by speaking about it. Bridget single-handedly raises her son despite the man and his family coming back to her life.

Closing off, the well-endowed beauty said:

I want the best for my son as he is my best friend.

Is this petty though?


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