Gh One Presenter, Berla Mundi has slammed Fante rapper, Kofi Kinaata for bringing half-naked girls onto the stage during his 2016 VGMA performance.

The Rhythmz host before ending her show on Monday expressed her disappointment in the High Grade Family act for bringing on stage half-naked girls who twerked to his motivational hit song, Susuka.

According to Berla, that act caused some embarrassment to gospel act, SP Kofi Sarpong who was seated in front of the stage and had these girls shaking their behinds right in his face.

She however congratulated him for winning the Best New Artiste and Songwriter of the Year awards.

“I was just very disappointed that while performing “Susuka” on stage, he had girls barely covered up, doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing on stage. I thought that was a no-no-no. I mean i understand when you want to get dancers on stage…but this is a song which is supposed to motivate people.

His creative team should work on this. You should have seen SP Kofi Sarpong. He was sitting right in front of the girls twerking, and couldn’t look. He had to turn like this. He was embarrassed and you could see embarrassment written all over his face.

Susuka is an advice and you had almost naked girls twerking.”


Berla Mundi is talking about this explicit scene during Kofi Kinata’s performance. You may want to see the VGMA performances in pictures here.

Kofi Kinaata performing Susuka