Bella Of Date Rush Reveals How She Nearly Died After Being Stabbed In The Chest Twice (Video)

Behind that banging body, there are a lot of scars deep within that we cannot see as Bella of Date Rush fame narrates how she was stabbed twice and hit on the head with a 4×4 plank.

She has risen to fame through TV3’s popular dating show Date Rush and in an interview with ZionFelix revealed how she was nearly killed by a Cameroonian man.

According to the Bella, there was this Cameroonian national living in their rented house using his apartment for prostitution which her mother reported to the Police.

The Cameroonian native got livid and threatened to kill someone before he leaves the house so one day as she returned from school, she was going to fetch water in a well and this man trailed him and struck his head with a plank before stabbing her twice in the right chest and on her arms.


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