Beefs are all over the place in our music industry now.

Everybody is beefing somebody and it’s not a joke. So just in case you don’t know, here are 10 beefs happening in our industry.

1. Quata Vrs Sarkodie

Somewhere in the beginning of this year, Quata came out claiming Sarkodie jagged his style, there was no response from Sarkodie but he went further to make this comment on his Facebook page after Sarkodie released S.H.O.U.T and threw some subtle jabs at him;

“Finally the Coward Sark, grew some balls to throw shots at me….interesting…. Time to bring Death to Sark and his whole crew…. Dedey bring me cow from North, make i cut in Beef give am…i dont think this weak ass mind is ready for this…Sarkodie cut wrong meat, but hego chop am……From da Beef Dr…Quata Budukusu”.

He’s also released a 9-minutes diss track called “Death to Sark” to diss Sarkodie but Sark is yet to respond.


2. Wanlov Kubolor Vrs D-Black

Just at the close of last year, Wanlov did a song titled, “Fuck MTV Base” where he threw some shots at MTV Base for listing D-Black as one of the best rappers in Ghana. Wanlov didn’t appreciate that because he felt there were better rappers than D-Black in Ghana and so he did a song to put MTV base in order.

This didn’t go down well with D-Black who did a voice note for Wanlov dissing him on the track and using all sort of foul words on him. Wanlov came back hard at D-Black with “Ah Well” which was not palatable at all. Though, D-Black never responded to “Ah Well”, we know there is still cold war between them.

Wanlov And D-Black Beef


3. Iwan vs Shatta Wale

This beef has been brewing for quite some time now. It comes up for a while and then it dies. It’s been ignited again after Shatta made mockery of Iwan’s picture on social media after seeing photos indicating that Iwan and RudeBwoy Ranking were cooking something for him. In his “One man killer” song, he mentioned having ended Iwan’s career.

Iwan and RudeBwoy also later dropped their diss track “Fake Shatta”.


4. Shatta Wale vs Ara B

Ara B happens to be one of Shatta Wale’s boys but an incident happened which he didn’t take kindly. He felt Ara B had disrespected his wife and so he went hard on him by arresting him. This didn’t go down well with Ara B and he prepared a diss song for Shatta Wale.

shatta wale, ara b

Photo: GhanaNdwom


5. RudeBwoy Ranking vs Shatta Wale

Shatta seems to have a lot of enemies underground because when the Pono beef came out, a lot of other dancehall artists have jumped on to diss him and one of them is RudeBwoy Ranking who did a diss song with Iwan for Shatta Wale. Maybe because RudeBwoy Ranking is being managed by Shatta’s former manager, Bulldog.

Photo: Twitter/Kwabena Awuku Photography


6. Sarkodie vs Manifest

We all know about the Sarkodie vs Manifest beef right? As far as we know, they’ve not smoked the peace pipe yet so that means there is still cold war between them.

sarkodie and manifest

Photo: Sarkodie1/Instagram Manifest/Instagram


7. MzVee vs Kaakie

This beef has been boiling for ages but obviously, Kaakie realised it is not selling and she’s given up.


8. AK Songstress vs Kaakie

We don’t even know what pulled AK Songstress into this beef but out of the blue when Kaakie decided to diss MzVee, AK Songstress decided to hit back for no reason.


9. Guru vs Edem

In an interview, Edem made a derogatory comment towards Guru and that’s how he also released Edumfa ft. Yaa Pono. Go take a listen and you will know who it is directed at.


10. Prodigal vs Shatta Wale

For some time now, he’s been throwing jabs at Shatta Wale although there has not been any lyrical battle but you can tell there is cold war between them. The icing on the cake is Prodigal’s reaction towards Shatta Wale when the beef between Yaa Pono and Shatta Wale came to the fore. He posted on IG to mock Shatta Wale for being murdered by Pono.

shatta wale, prodigal

Photo: Kwabena Awuku Photography (Shatta Wale)




11. J.J. Rawlings And Agyekum Kuffour

J.J. Rawlings in an interview with the Daily Graphic made some allegations against John Agyekum Kuffour and he didn’t take kindly to it. This drew him out of “hiding” to punch back. For some strange reason, it seems all is not well between the two Ex Presidents of Ghana. They are not musicians but it seems they want to take over the mantle.

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