Barack Obama Follows This Porn Star On Twitter And People Are Losing Their Minds

TWITTER went into meltdown after savvy social media users appeared to have noticed that porn star Sara Jay had a very powerful follower.

Sara, 42, has 1.1 million followers on Twitter – with one of them apparently former US president Barack Obama.

The porn star, who also runs a porn production company, began trending on Twitter – and when people wondered why they discovered her famous fan.

“Why does former President Obama follow porn star Sara Jay?” asked one Twitter user.

While another added:

“Finding out that Barack Obama follows Sara Jay is exactly what the world needed today.”

Obama, 58, follows more than 608,000 accounts and people from all walks of life, but Twitter users rushed to assume the president followed her because he enjoyed her onscreen talents.


Sara who was inducted into the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame, put the speculation to bed by giving her thoughts on why Obama followed her.

“Maybe it’s because I produce, direct, write and manage adult talent for my production company Wyde Syde”.

That didn’t stop hundreds of hilarious memes featuring the president, joking about his now-infamous follow.



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