‘Bad Gal’ Akua Saucy Blasts Her Critics As She Vows To Le@k More Of Her Own N*des

Those who feel sympathy and heartbreak after the recent leak of compromising images and videos of the Twitter lady, Akua Saucy, seem to have tossed pity to the dogs.

After months of being quiet about the leak and the social media uproar, Akua Saucy has finally gone live on social media to react and blast anyone who was targeting her in the early days her ndes went viral.

In a live video on Twitter, Akua Saucy asked everybody who was constantly mentioning her name and shouting about how fat and huge her pu&&y is to please leave her some room.

She acknowledged that her honey pot was also large and that she is very proud of herself for being such a honey.
The unrepentant Akua Saucy even took few potshots at those who have been tearing down her neck with the implication that she is a disgrace to womanhood.

She also vowed to release more insane videos for social media users after the person who supposedly leaked them refused to release the more lethal ones.



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