Azziad Posted Photos Of Her Mother And Online Fans Can’t Keep Calm

Azziad posted photos of her mother and online fans can’t keep calm.

Azziad Nasenya has become one of Kenya´s most sought-after personalities, barely aged 19 years. Well, it is time to meet the Queen behind Azziad´s existence.

The young actress and content creator hit fame with her dance rendition on Femi One´s Utawezana anthem and life has never been the same again.

Friday, May 29, the dancer took to her social media to appreciate her loving mom as she turned an year older, in a series of photos.

Her looks.

However, it is not even the birthday wishes that bewitched her fans, it is just how unbelievably young Azziad´s mother is. I mean YOUNG!

Let me ask: have you ever randomly met a young girl with her mother – who you mistook for a twin sister or just a sister – and the minute you´re told that´s the mother you´re like, ¨No way. C´mon!¨

Her mother looks so young!

That is exactly the position I was in after spotting the singer´s strikingly beautiful young mother. Actually, you´d mistake her for a late 20-year old girl living her life to the fullest.

Plus, I think now I understand when someone says that the body doesn´t age if you consistently engage in sports. I´ll tell you why, Azziad previously revealed her mom was a dancer and therefore molded and supported her daughter in the art as well.

Probably that there explains why Azziad´s mom is aging backwards!

Azziad proudly paraded her mom and captioned:

It’s my mother’s birthday! ????????????

Happy birthday mum. ???????????? Thank you for being my number 1 support. Wish I could celebrate with you today, but this long distance… I love you. ❤❤❤



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