I Will Expose What You Are Doing In The Spiritual World To Ghanaians – Ayisha Modi To Afia Shwar

According to Ayisha Modi, certain persons played roles that led to Moesha’s current situation.

Ayisha Modi initially went for Moesha’s Boduong pastor, Gabriel Ibe, for using his ghost to torment Moesha with death and lunacy.

Ayisha Modi has currently accused Afia Schwarzenegger in Moesha’s case. She has disclosed that Schwar is hiding secrets regarding Moesha Boduong’s condition and, instead, pretending to be the one who is assisting her.

Ayisha Modi claims that both Afia Schwarzenegger and herself have great souls, but Schwar has chosen to harm young girls with her spirit while empowering women with hers.

She noted that the secret Afia Schwar is keeping will soon come out for everyone to see the kind of person she is.


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