Dont Cry When You Hear I Am Dead – Ayisha Modi Tells Ghanaians

Ayisha Modi has written a somber article in which she wonders what people would do if they learn she is dead.

In a post seen by, the devoted Stonebwoy fan asked the question to her followers.

She also advised them not to grieve if they awoke one morning to find out she had died.

Ayisha, on the other hand, claimed that she is a really joyful soul.

Even if she dies, she feels her name will continue to be used against some individuals.

Ayisha Modi wrote: “What will be your REACTION if you wake up one morning and hrd AyishaModi is no more or Dead? ????????????????. Don’t cry ???? ????????????. Just Smile and know that I died for many souls to live. Am a very happy soul full of Love. I give has it’s has be given to me????????????. They won’t understand ????????????????????????. Just the Name Ayisha Modi will keep fighting them saaaaaa???????????????????????? until things are done right ????????????”


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