Ayisha Modi Angrily Blasts Obrafour For Saying He Will Sue Her (Video)

Stonebwoy’s loud-mouthed hype woman, Ayisha Modi has once again blasted legendary Ghanaian rapper Obrafour after the latter threatened to sue her.

Ayisha has released a new video accusing Obrafour of being ungrateful after the rapper revealed that he was going to sue her for defamation of character.

Just recently, Ayisha Modi revealed in an exclusive interview on the Delay Show that she single-handedly invested a whopping amount of $45,000 into Obrafour’s famous Kasiebo album which he dropped a decade ago but got nothing in return.

She said;

I produced Obrafour’s ‘Kasiebo’. I invested close to $45k but I didn’t even get GHS1 from the song. I did this investment at a time when I didn’t even have a plot of land or a house.

Obrafour in response indicated that Ayisha was only lying and further threatened to sue her.

She insisted if she truly lied, then may supernatural powers from anywhere strike her dead. Aisha said Obrafour is an ingrate after helping him bounce back when he suffered a stroke for 3 to four years yet he’s here running his mouth.




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